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It has been so long since I last posted anything that I forgot where the post a new entry button was.XD I know that no one really reads these but I decided to post something anyway.

Since I have posted how I fell in love with SMAP I thought I would do the same but with their kouhais Kis-My-Ft2 and Johnny's WEST. I started liking Kis-My-Ft2 back in Feb 2013 after I started watching nobunaga no chef and shinryochuu. I want to say I fell in love with them because of Tamamori and Senga in those drama's but it wasn't really. During this time I noticed their group name and started to wonder what kind of name is Kis-My-Ft2 so I did a quick search and found out about the group. I also found out that I actually knew Fujigaya because he was in Priceless and appeared on SMAPXSMAP to do some promotions. Since I already knew 3 of the members I decided to listen to their music and fell in love with a bunch of their pre-debut music and from there I started to love all the members.

Johnny's WEST is a bit different because the first time I noticed them was when they performed eejyanaika on utage. I found the song to be really addictive and wanted to know more about the group. but I couldn't really do that until december 2014 when I had more free and wasn't trying to catch up with old SMAP, Kisu-mai and anime stuff.

I also like Arashi and A.B.C.Z but not enough to call myself a fan.

Same 5 Questions on each group

Q1. Favourite member?
Q2. Favourite top 3 Songs?
Q3. Favourite Drama?
Q4. Favourite Show?
Q5. Husband, Lover, Friend, Brother, Distant Relative?

Q1. None
Q2. Shake/lion heart/boku no hanbun
Q3. Ataru
Q5. Husband = Nakai, Lover = Tsuyoshi, Friend = Goro, Brother = Shingo, Distant relative - Kimura. (Sorry)

Q1. I love Busaiku a bit more than the front 3
Q2. Smile/Shake it up/Seven Journey
Q3. Ikemen desu ne
Q4. Kisumai busaiku
Q5. Husband = Yokoo, Lover = Senga, Friend = Gaya/Mitsu, Brother = Tama/Miyata Distant relative = Nika. (Sorry)

[Johnny's west]
Q1. Probably Junta
Q2. Konamon, Only lonely, Zipangu Ookini
Q3. Shark
Q4. Itadaki Johnny's, sekai meshi
Q5. Husband = Junta, Lover = Kamiyama, Friend = Shigeoka/Kiriyama, Brother = Hamada/Kotaki, Distant Relative + Ryusei (Sorry)

[Arashi X A.B.C.Z]
Q1. Aiba X Tsukada
Q2. None X None
Q3. Freeter X None
Q4. Vs Arashi X Shounen club
Q5. Don't know

Pussuma - Guitar Man Tsuyoshi

130914 p.mp4_snapshot_22.15_[2013.12.06_01.43.40]

So Far Tsuyoshi's highest score is 31 with a song called True love. He has done Yume no naka e 6 times, True love 3 times and OKurukotoba 2 times since it started.


08.30 - Yume no Naka e - 2 points
09.06 - Okurukotoba - 2 points
09.13 - Okurukotoba - 3 points
09.20 - Yume no Naka e - 13 points
09.28 - No GMT Segment
10.04 - Yume no Naka e - 21 points
10.11 - No GMT Segment
10.18 - True Love - 4 points
10.25 - True love - 28 points
01.11 - NO Pussuma
11.08 - True love - 31 points
11.15 - No GMT Segment
11.29 - Yume no Naka e - 19 points
12.06 - Yume no Naka e - 3 points
12.13 - No GMT Segment
12.20 - No GMT Segment
12.27 - NO Pussuma
01.03 - NO Pussuma

Yusuke-san is a strict Judge. MP3 of Yume no Naka e verse 1&2, True love and Okurukotoba.


I have posted this link here till after the spam filter gets took off.
Nakai's 001. http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/67887124/file.html
Re-uploading in process.

A full year of being a Smappie.

So, it has been almost a year since I joined the SMAP fandom and I have to say it has been fun but, expensive. I have also learned a lot about the Japanese culture and some of the japanese language, Thanks to these men. I am hoping that one day I would be able to go to Japan and see SMAP live or even any of their Kouhai's but, I don't know when this would be possible.

In this year, I have bought a lot of SMAP stuff.

[Bought stuff]HNI_0007-crop-horz
SMAP stuff

I still need the Red SMAPXSMAP Book because, I bought them in a weird order and I have a couple of magazines which never made the photo. Even My wall's have SMAP on them.


Last but not least. A month ago, I tried to draw Nakai-san however, it turned out as someone who might look like him if you squint really hard.




Good to Bad in seconds

Today, I went to the dentist which usually makes me fell very sick since, I hate going to the dentist but, today I was fine. Me and my mother where sitting in the waiting room and she starts bring up my brother and how the chemist got his bottle feed wrong and how they really don't have a system. Which made me upset as is important that my brother gets these bottles. she then changed the subject before my name got called which was a good because if she didn't I would have ended up crying then. So I enter the surgery room and was greeted by my yasashi dentist who reminds me of goro-san because he keeps asking you if you are okay followed sorry I don't mean to ask so much or sorry if he somehow caused you pain followed by I didn't really mean it, honest. so the treatment started and the dentist said that they where running out of supplies which made me think typical NHS, soon after it was done without any problems.

Since there was anesthetic involved I was like please by me soup. Now, I only wanted one tin soup but, no my mum has to go for the offer of by 2 get one free. so we paid up and walked out the shop. we then went to the next shop to get a bottle of Pepsi that was on special or so I thought because when I turned around no one was there. I decided to wait just in case she was checking her receipt and after a while I joined the queue and paid for the Pepsi. I went back in and my mother was arguing with the worker saying that she was over charged and she was right the first time since the deal didn't ring through. The second one was a misunderstanding since my mother only said 3 for 2 which the worker thought that she meant 3 for £2. The last part was an argument over 20p since my mum thinks that every penny counts and on the card it said 79p but rang through at 89p so she did have a point however, the arguments before this lasted about 10 minutes and already made me upset because I had to get involved. I decided that I would go and check the price because I didn't really know plus I felt like I was about to cry, I walked up and read the ticket and walked back down. At this point something else had started and my mum was about to start crying saying that the worked told here that she was going to have to pay for it again. I put my hand on my mothers back and asked what was going on since I wasn't there my mother said the same thing so the worker started to explain while telling my mother not to get upset and that she wasn't trying to trick her but my mother wasn't having any of it which made the worker upset to the point that she said I will pay for you goods again my mother was having none of it. Knowing both of them where upset and that my mum wasn't go to listen I said we should start over from the begin of the purchase so she tried to give me the change that she had got so I could count it but instead I dropped it across the floor which meant I had to pick it up while being tearier eyed, embarrassed, being moaned at for dropping the money and I couldn't say sorry to worker or thank to anybody who helped. So we started again and the worker was going to give my mother her goods for nothing but my mother was like I want to pay for my goods and the worker couldn't take it any more and started crying. At seeing the work cry I burst in to tears saying that their was no need for this. While leaving my mother called the worker and stupid person while telling me that I had no reason to cry. While crying I said that she was only doing her job, it was not her fault, that it could be avoided if she only listened and no wonder if you are going to cause a scene like that. Walking up to my house I started to think no wonder me and my brother suffer from anxiety especially since all through childhood these episode happened like ever other week and that I had ever right to cry since I was also involved, it was embarrassing, I don't like arguments, ever time since childhood if I was ever involved in an argument I would cry and I hate drawing attention to myself.

Sorry, if there was any mistakes I was still upset when I was writing it. It took me an 1 hr and half to write and calm down.


I have always wanted to do this but haven't really got round to it yet and that is tell you about my love for SMAP. It started during the end of June 2012, where after watching many episodes of 199?-2003 utaban episodes with morning musume. I decided to look up Nakai-san to see how he had changed through the years and ended watching Ataru however, because I didn't know about Smappiesubs. I watched SMAPXSMAP on youku to pass the time while waiting on subs for Ataru. After a while though I did a wider search for subs and found Smappiesubs so I watched Ataru and started on things like Utaban with SMAP, SMAPXSMAP and now most things on Smappiesubs. I actually did watch some of SMAP work without knowing they where SMAP such as Goro's death note parody, Shingo's Rolling bomber special (SMAP Short Films), Shingo Mama on Domoto Kyoudai and a couple of episodes of Pussuma.

Questionnaire: Most SMAP fans do one of these, right!

[50 questions about SMAP.]

1. What's your name/nickname? - Ally.

2. Did you started to like SMAP before you reached 20 years or after 20? - Before, I was 17 when I started liking SMAP.

3. Who is your favorite member? - I don't really have a favorite member anymore it used to be Nakai, now I sort of have a favorite group, which is the Iitomo team. (Nakai, Tsuyoshi and Shingo) Then Goro and Kimura just linger before them.

4. Which member do you think resembles you more? - Tsuyoshi, as I am usually quiet and only speak when spoken to and even then I only give short answers. Also I falter in my own language quite a lot.

5. Have you ever bought a SMAP single? - Yes, sort of. Battery/Mistake version A+B.

6. Have you ever bought a SMAP drama (or starring one of the members)? - Not an official drama set that comes from japan and costs like a £100 to £200 but, I have bought a couple of subbed Movies from HMV. (I do want to buy official box-sets but they cost so much)

7. Have you ever bought a SMAP album? - No, I was going to buy Gift but, I didn't have my bank card and by the time I got it the concert was out so I bought that instead.

8. Have you ever bought a SMAP concert DVD? - I sort of just answered this question, yes.

9. Have you ever bought a photo-book or magazine? - Yes, all 3 of Nakai's photo-books and 4 out 5 SMAPXSMAP colour books.

10. Do you have any SMAP poster in your room's wall? - Yes, the one that came with Gift DVD and a flier about bistro SMAP.

11. Have you bought any other goods SMAP related? - Not SMAP per say but Monsters related goods such as Notebook, stickers, A4 folders, Snack tin and I own a single monsters candy with shingo's character on the wrapper. (for some reason since only own one I don't want to eat it and it was a gift from the person who I bought the monster goods from)

12. Have I seen any of their shows live? - No, I haven't even been to Japan yet.

13. Did you start to learn Japanese because of SMAP? - No, I wanted to learn Japanese before I knew who SMAP where so, SMAP has just added to my love of Japan they didn't start it.

14. Your favorite SMAP song? - So many, Shake was my first favorite and now I got so many that it is hard to choose so first 4 that come to my mind just now are getting wrote down. Lion heart, Kansha shite, Bang!Bang! Bakansu and Hajimari no uta. Also the 5 series is always good to listen.

15. Your favorite SMAP concert? - I want to say 2006 but then I remember about Nakai's leg and rib problem so probably 2012 since it is the first one that I bought and was just amazing.

16. Your favorite SMAP variety show? - SMAPXSMAP. SMAP related would be Utaban, Kurobara, Ojamap, Satasma and Pussuma.

17. Did you start to like any other group because of SMAP? - Golden bomber and Kis-My-Ft2.

18. Is your phone ringtone a SMAP song? - It would be if my phone wasn't currently broken.

19. Your favorite pairing in SMAP? - 2top. While song wise I sort of love any team with Shingo especially the trio of Shingo, Goro and Tsuyoshi.

20. SMAP worst fault? - Screwing up everyone's sleep pattern's and leaving questions in your head such as who is the biggest in SMAP. (Damn, Tsuyoshi asking Nakai if he was big or small on utaban then trying to answer it himself and damn Shingo/Sanma for that unexpectedly small moment in 1996 during the Christmas special)

21. SMAP best quality? - How hard working they are, I haven't seen anything like it to be still going after 20 odd year and carrying multiply projects at once most of the time is just amazing. Also, letting people escape from work or studying by providing many amazing moments and how good they look for being late 30's - early 40's.

Solo member questions

22. How do you call Nakai in your daily conversations? - usually Nakai-san.

23. How do you call Kimura in your daily conversations? - It used to be Takuya-san but, now it is kimura-san.

24. How do you call Goro in your daily conversations? - Goro-san.

25. How do you call Tsuyoshi in your daily conversations? - Tsuyoshi-san or Kusanagi-san, again thanks to Nakai it has become tsuyo-chan.

26. How do you call Shingo in your daily conversations? - Shingo-san.

Sometimes I do drop the San but it depends on what I am saying at the time and I have used Takuya nickname once because of santaku.

27. Your favorite thing about Nakai? - Hard working, even though I worry about how much he works, I love the fact that he is so dedicated to his work and I love how cute he is.

28. Your favorite thing about Kimura? - Hotness, Even though I don't like him as much as Nakai, Shingo and Tsuyoshi he some how always manages to get my to say kakkoii at most of his facial expressions and during Santaku.

29. Your favorite thing about Goro? - I don't really like his self-centered attitude but I do like the fact that he can somehow pull of sporting miracles. Ever time that he does I am always in shock.

30. Your favorite thing about Tsuyoshi? - How sweet and gentle he is. Also how normal he seems compared to he rest of the members.

31. Your favorite thing about Shingo? - How he can change the mood at any moment and general how funny he is.

32. Your favorite Nakai's drama and movie? - Ataru/Mohou-han (Nakai was so cold-hearted in Mohou-han)

33. Your favorite Kimura's drama and movie? - Gift/Love and honour.

34. Your favorite Goro's drama and movie? - Shinryouchuu in the room/Hypnosis.

35. Your favorite Tsuyoshi's drama and movie? - Boku series/Ninkyo Helper.

36. Your favorite Shingo's drama and movie? - 3 peace/bara no nai hanaya/NinxNin.

37. Your favorite Nakai solo? - I love all but it has to be Memory June.

38. Your favorite Kimura solo? - Style.

39. Your favorite Goro solo? - Love.

40. Your favorite Tsuyoshi solo - Kaettekita Yopparai.

41. Your favorite Shingo solo? - Again, I love all however due to the dancing Everybody and Shigusa stand out more.

42. Which SMAP member you want as a brother? - Masahiro Nakai, Original I wanted to marry him however, the more I watched the more I started falling in love with other members and the more confused I got about Nakai. (this used to be Tsuyoshi)

43. Which SMAP member you want as friend? - Takuya Kimura, He would probably give good advice to people and I can't find any where else to place him in these set of questions.

44. Which SMAP member you want as lover? - Shingo Katori, He seems fun to be around and I would general like to spend time with.

45. Which SMAP member you want as husband? - Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, He seems so sweet and would make the perfect husband and father. Plus he always seems to make me laugh by doing the weirdest things.

46. Which SMAP member you want as a distant relative? - Inagaki Goro, I think I would get annoyed at him too much so I would want to see him as little as possible.

47. Your favorite SMAP skit? - Skateboys and traitor (SMAP look cool in suits). Member related would be P-chan, Mako-chan, Host club, Katsuken, Magician Zero, Spiderman.

48. Your favorite SMAP corner? I like all corners, but I liked the love actually section and clay kingdom a bit more.

49. Your favorite SMAP Duet? - Ohayou (shintaku) or quiz no jyoou (shingoro).

50. If you saw SMAP right now, what would you tell them? - Arigatou followed by sorry I missed so much and that I will continue supporting SMAP from now on as long as they continue doing their best without pushing them self too far.

Shingo was in one of my dreams last week however, it was more variety show dream than actually being with Shingo. It started off with me being asked by Shingo and Tamonori-san if I wanted to go and open the new shop but, because of this I asked Shingo if he was sure he wanted to bring his girlfriend to work as it never happened before and he said yes. So, we walked in to this shopping center and we sort of stop at this normal looking convenience store or that's what it looks like at first but, once you go into it you notice that all the items are SMAP goods and that things like canned coffee, ready made meals, frozen food and even the baskets you put your food into has SMAP on it. So after a while we left the store and head back to the car However, once we where in the car it turned into an inflatable and we where launched across the car park. As we where flying through the air Shingo started hugging me closer and I managed to see that the person who caused it was 99 the comedy duo before being woke for college.

Gift of SMAP

Happy new year
So happy right now as Gift of SMAP finally came however had a panic moment when I couldn't find the blue tack for the awesome poster that came with it. To be honest I never actually thought it was going to come as mail doesn't usually arrive after 3pm so much so that I was going to phone them however after picking up the phone I decided just to leave it and put down the phone. Then it came and after it did arrive the normal mail man came with a delivery for my dad so yeah the mail man was slow today. It wasn't just Gift of SMAP that came as both of Nakai-san's photo books arrived too which made me twice as happy.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas shopping

So yeah, I was in the town today doing Christmas shopping for my brothers and At one point I couldn't decide what to buy them. After a couple of minutes of brain pain I ended up coming up with a plan so, I turned around to carry out this plan and was slapped in the face by a DVD (not literally) but, the DVD did have a big impact on me as I never thought I would actually see the movie monkey magic (saiyuuki) in Glasgow's HMV so, I was really happy and bought it without giving it a second thought. However I have just learned that it is not only that one that they have apparently if I can find them I could be the proud owner of Sinking of Japan, love and honor and big man in japan. I did go back and I managed to get big man in japan and Sinking of Japan but, their was no love and honor might also get 2048, I came with the rain or 13 assassins as I knew it had SMAP-san members in it but, didn't remember to look for it online before I went back in. Watched Monkey Magic the other week and it was so badly subbed but the other 2 where okay. On a side note Christmas shopping for me is done.